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How to handle horses with confidence?

How to handle horses with confidence?


it’s a tool that’s of more importance than the other tool that you simply may possess. you can’t buy this tool at a feed store or order it online. it’s a tool which will make all other tools of the trade more useful. And without it all other tools useless. That tool is confident. a kind of fearlessness within the face of an animal that would very easily hurt you at the best, and kill you at the worst.

A horse naturally doesn’t communicate its wishes through verbal commands. they’re doing once in a while allow you to know what they are close to treating whinnying or neighing, except for the foremost part they speak to every other through visual communication.

I would like to deal with the very fact that once you step into their world your visual communication will do the speaking for you. you would like to find out what they’re saying and be ready to anticipate what they’re close to doing. The more fluent you become in speaking their language the better and safer your horse experiences will become.

A horse may be a prey animal. It survives through learning on the slightest signals around it. it’s also an excellent reader of things unseen. they need the insight of sorts, filtering in information from between the lines, also as directly.

once you venture into their space they’re learning on such a lot quite what you’re doing. they will sense what you’re feeling. they need a sponge-like ability to soak up what you’re feeling especially anxiety. it’s vital to recollect that once you are feeling nervous or anxious so is your horse. This signals to your horse that they have to be able to flee because the danger is around.

Unfortunately, they’re doing not understand that to an individual who lacks confidence they are often the danger that’s around. So whenever you’re getting to interact together with your horse or any horses for that matter, you would like to remember the emotions you’re projecting onto them. you would like quiet confidence, a way of relaxed energy, which will allow them to stay calm in your presence. And over time you’ll develop this quiet confidence more and more.

What do I mean by quiet confidence? Well, quiet confidence comes from a way that you simply truly know that everything around you is alright which you’re on top of things. It speaks of a real leadership state of mind. that’s what a horse is trying to find, a real leader. If you would like to possess a natural leadership role together with your horse, this is often the key, quiet confidence.

once you see people yelling and screaming at their horses teetering on the sting of abusing them into doing what they need, they’re reacting out of fear or anger. Fear and anger don’t bring good leadership qualities. Horses understand that once you are out of control you’ll not control them.

Before you’ll have control of your horse, you want to be ready to control yourself. The horse knows this and you ought to learn it before going any longer. specialize in understanding that with a horse fear may be a sign of weakness or danger.

Weak people don’t lead horses, weak people get pushed around by horses. When a horse senses fear it can also become nervous and prepared to escape for safety. When a horse doesn’t answer something you would like it to try to and it causes you to angry you would like to require a mental timeout. Horses don’t lead through anger. Horses lead in a method and a method only – quiet confidence.

Confidence isn’t something you’ll just get either. it’s learned, built upon, and grows. It takes time to urge the arrogance you would like to be a real leader in altogether situations.

The whole idea of natural horsemanship has begun to an excellent extent in recent years. it’s helped put a number of the archaic and outdated training techniques to rest and for this I’m thankful. a bit like any new concept comes along, it’s been over-marketed and milked for every single penny it can produce. People have slapped the “natural horsemanship” label on everything from books to gear to sell it more quickly.

I’m not a natural horsewoman. I’m just a lady who seeks to possess a balanced and productive relationship with my horse. if I wanted to be a natural horsewoman I do not think I might ever place my rump during a saddle.

My horses would be left running free on open ranges and that I would never subject them to the training, fences, trailers, and shows I so often do. Everything humans do for the foremost spare and too their horses is unnatural. Calling it natural doesn’t make it that way.

Whatever I can do to find out more, I will. And whenever I can help teach somebody else something which will aid them in developing a deeper relationship with their horse, I will.

I hope by the top of this book you’ll have learned something and moved forward within the understanding that a horse isn’t just a beast. they’re very intelligent, very perceptive, very able creatures that I feel every human can call their partner.

The relationship you’ve got together with your horse is far just like the relationship you share with people in your lives. to possess a successful relationship of any kind it must be a working relationship. It must continually be growing and because it grows it’ll strengthen itself naturally.

It must even be a balanced relationship. the beginning of having a balanced relationship together with your horse is to know that a horse may be a horse and not a person’s being. that’s the start of having a satisfying experience that creates both parties happy.

Human beings have this inner got to humanize animals and other “things” that inhabit our lives. We assume that animals think and react like people through spoken words.

I even have heard many of us about their horses as if the horse was just another human. I would like you to know that a horse speaks a special language, feels different emotions, and is extremely non-human.

I think the planet could also be a far better place if people were a touch more like horses and a touch less like people. which is that the key here, be more sort of a horse rather than forcing the horse to be more sort of a human.

The biggest mistake most of the people make with their horses is to “love” them an excessive amount of. it is not hard to like a horse. it’s very easy actually to develop a really deep emotional attachment thereto.

I would like you to like your horse. I would like you to like your horse such a lot that you simply make unselfish decisions when it involves their development. Spoiling a horse within the name of affection only benefits the owner’s own got to feel loved by the horse.


But horses don’t “love” people within the sense than humans love each other. Yes, they will become very attached to their human companions. They become bonded during a way that resembles human love.

But it’s not an equivalent. once you truly love your horse you’ll understand that you simply must make every effort possible to cause a well mannered and obedient animal.

Chances are that you simply won’t own your horse for everything of its life. Things change so rapidly in our lifetimes. People lose jobs, they have to relocate, get new jobs, have children, become physically unable to worry for his or her horses.

Many things can happen which will end in you want to find a replacement home for your horse. A horse that’s well mannered, submissive, and obedient will continue to possess an extended and well-lived life.

It is horses that are spoiled within the name of affection that develop a multitude of undesirable behaviors that will dwindle their chances of finding an honest home. And even worse the one that you love friend could find yourself at a stock sale being shipped to Canada or Mexico to possess their lives led to a cruel and unimaginable way.

It is a tragic but truthful reality that because the economy has dwindled in recent years we discover far too many horses left during a state of homelessness. many of us who loved their horses have had to form the last word decision on the welfare of their animals and surrender them to others so that they will be cared for adequately.

There are numerous horses and not enough quality places for them to measure immediately. Many horses have ended up within the hands of horse traders, or but perfect living arrangements. Only the great horse who is beneficial to man will find an area during this world to measure a pleasant quality life. Horses that have issues are often the primary to be sent off to the sale.

So if you truly love your horse, you’ll be a robust leader. Leading your horse during a way that will produce a balanced animal will ensure him an area within the human world for several years to return. I ask you to place aside your own needs and consider your horse’s future needs. Spoiling your horse won’t gain you anything aside from tons of problems or worse injuries.

I want you to know what I mean by spoiling. Anything you are doing together with your horse must have a couple of simple boundaries. you would like to take care of an area around you. you’ll envision a bubble of sorts – it expands out about 1 or 2 feet around you – this space is yours and therefore the horse isn’t to enter it.

(When we glance at the lead mare behavior within the next chapter you’ll learn more about why this is often so important)

You can pet your horse I feel touching your horse everywhere his body is a superb way of gentling him/her. you’ll offer your horse treats once in a while as long because it is completed carefully and at the right time.

People tend to think that because a horse comes rushing over to the fence to ascertain them, somehow they need to create a special reference to their horse. The horse will always come running to the fence if it’s given treats for exposure. they are available running to ascertain the treat, not you.

I want to point out you that the horse can come running from a real bond to you, not because he’s bribed into behavior. you would like to recollect that everything you are doing should be wiped out moderation which can end in balance.

Balance isn’t something only needed within the saddle.

A balance must exist in every aspect of horsemanship. Imagine a scale if you’ll on the left side you see the other of spoiling, you see neglect and abuse. it’s easier to picture this end of the spectrum in your mind. On the left, we have the abusive owner who tries to beat submission into his animal and neglects to even look after its basic needs of food, shelter, and water.

Now look to the proper hand side of the spectrum and you’ll see the polar opposite of the bad side. You see the owner who allows the horse to dominate and dictate to him/her what’s getting to happen.

On this side, the owner pops in every once in a while with sugary treats and overindulges the animal. Soon the horse is nipping at his owners’ pockets and dragging him around by the lead rope or worse kicking them out of disrespect or being uncontrollable in another way.

You would like to be somewhere directly within the middle of this scale.

you would like to take care of balanced and fair treatment of your horse through quiet confidence.

A horse may be a simple animal. you’ll show your horse “love” by giving him/her proper nutrition and the maximum amount of clean beverage as they will drink. you’ll show love by feeding him grain twice each day, giving him an honest supply of hay, and a pleasant pasture to graze upon.

You’ll show them, love, by keeping their stall clean and keeping their bodies clean through proper grooming. you’ll show them, love, by providing proper veterinarian care and keeping them pest-free.

you’ll show them, love, by scratching under their chin or in the other place they can not normally reach. this is often a horse’s happy place, being cared for and being provided for. this sort of affection will benefit your horse for several years to return and can produce a pleasing animal to figure and play with.

The key’s to seek out balance, where both parties are happy and content with the partnership. If the horse isn’t happy you’re too far to the left. If you’re not happy you’ve got drifted too far to the proper. If you stay within the middle everyone is going to be content.

It is human, not horse beliefs, that dictates that we must buy affection.

I told you earlier to think more just like the horse. they do not care if you’re spending much money on new halters and bridles. they do not care that you simply took a loan bent have a far better horse trailer than your neighbor. truth connection which will bond you tightly to your horse doesn’t cost anything but time.

Humans somehow attempt to structure for not enough time spent by placing a monetary band-aid on the shortcoming. you can’t buy your thanks to controlling. you want to put within the effort and therefore, the time needed to form the connection and the connection can only be made through confident leadership.

In the horse world, there are two sorts of social roles, a pacesetter, and a lover. If you’re taking a glance call at your field you’ll see that there’s just one true main leader and therefore the rest filter in behind them. Number 2 horse will follow no 1 but she is going to also lead number 3. Number 3 follows no 1 & 2 but leads number 4. There are not any two number 2 ranking horses, it’s one file line that leads all the way right down to rock bottom member of the society. all of them bow right down to no 1 and no 1 submits to nobody. Your job is to review no 1 and study how she leads with quiet confidence.

Confidence is some things that come from within and extends out into our physical being.

it’s a sense of collected self-awareness. you’re feeling powerful therefore you are. Maybe you’re fortunate and are a naturally confident person, then your task goes to be easier. make certain that your confidence isn’t arrogance.

Arrogance is a shortage of true confidence. It comes from feeling inadequate and trying to overcompensate by puffing oneself up. Horses can call this bluff easily. Arrogance and horses will add up to injury or worse death.

The horse will search for a confident leader. you would like to face confidently, move confidently, breath confidently. you would like to personify confidence.

I would like you to face up tall and move sort of a mountain around horses. In your mind, you botch all of that strong energy and your progress throughout them rather than wavering around them. If they’re in your way, you create them move out of your way.

Time will convince you as you apply this easy state of mind that the horse will respond naturally to you and move as you’ll them too. you would like to be very clear and focused in your thinking on exactly what you want them to try to then apply only enough energy to form it come true.

There will be times once you may face a horse that has more confidence than you. In these instances, you’ll get to make sound judgments on how you proceed. Training an animal with more confidence than you’ll be dangerous.

Ask yourself if this horse is more confident, or is he more afraid? Are his actions supported dominance or fear? you would like to review this horse and see if you’ll learn something from it. Remember horses are our teachers and that they have mimicked their thanks to where they’re. Study his/her confidence then do exactly that, mimic their behavior, but always be safe.

I want you to develop this confidence around horses.

Become consciously conscious of what you’re projecting at the horse. remember what you’re feeling before you undergo the gate. Be diligent in your pursuit of this quiet confidence.

You can spend thousands of dollars attending a seminar or clinic on horse training to find out the way to train horses. you’ll leave and spend many dollars on new training aids or maybe thousands on a replacement round pen to try to do your training in.

All of it’ll be money wasted if you do not have the arrogance to steer the horse. you can’t fake it. you can’t pip out. you want to develop it. it’s free apart from the time you spend building it. it’s invaluable.

Many horse owners have a fearful relationship with their horses.

Being fearful is that the main mistake people make with their horses. Being even the slightest bit nervous around a horse will put you within the subordinate seat. you’ll not get leads to your training. you’ll have a flat and unsatisfying relationship if you base it on fear.

I want to suggest to people who are afraid, even within the slightest, of their horse that they are going out and buy a whip. you’ll never even got to use it. it’s more a tool to assist you are feeling safe and more confident. Get out your lunge whip if you would like.


Carry it in your hand when handling your horse.

I’m not asking you to use it, I’m asking you to hold it. Sometimes the safety of knowing you’ve got it’ll give your confidence the boost it must start conversing successfully together with your horse.

If a horse respects a dull stick that only weighs ounces because it can produce a small sting on his rear, imagines what proportion more respect you alone could have with the horse. Carry your whip in hand until you are feeling safe in leaving it behind. it’s merely an aid to assist you to begin to know that horses aren’t as big and bad as some people believe them to be.

Before long you’ll understand just how powerful you’ll be and just how submissive a horse is often. you’ll also find that this new confidence will filter into the remainder of your life. you’ll walk a touch straighter and be bolder in what you are doing. You learn to be more conscious of the emotions you’re projecting. Confidence will attract the horse’s attention a bit like it does humans.

Remember confidence isn’t bullying.

remember to once you were in class and there have been bullies. Usually, a bully was just puffing himself up and acting aggressively towards others because he was afraid. A horse can tell when he’s being bullied and it’ll not have the lasting effect that confidence will. you’ll bully a horse sometimes but bullying will only get you thus far.

I have seen many horse bullies and none of them were horses.

they need all been humans trying to place on a show of strength. which is all it’s, a show. The horse knows the difference between bullying and confidence. Bullying comes from inner fear, confidence comes from inner strength.

A horse will follow the strength, he will flee from fear.

And confine mind that if he can’t flee from the fear, he can as a final resort, act call at protective aggression. Bullying a horse may be a great way to urge hurt or killed.

I don’t want you to fear your horse. Sometimes it’s easy to fear an animal that has such a lot of power than much strength. His size alone can easily make him dangerous except for the foremost part a horse may be a docile and timid creature.

He is also submissive and willing to be a neighborhood of man’s world. If he weren’t he would simply skip the fence we’ve built to contain him or bust through the barn door and set himself free. He doesn’t use his strength within the same manner a person’s being would. He will if faced with a life-threatening situation, except for the foremost part he’s docile and timid.

That’s to not say it’s a guarantee that your horse will never assert itself over you physically. He can and likelihood is that he will, but it’ll be in additional subtle ways than stomping you to death. Horses often “test” you to ascertain if you’re listening.

Subtle invasions of your role as a leader can add up to a mutiny, so remember what the horse is saying to you in the least times.

Try to replace fear with respect. Respect the very fact that he’s large and you ought to proceed with educated caution when handling him. don’t irritate a horse or tease it. don’t provoke him to prove some extent to other humans. leave all of your desires to impress people together with your horse skills reception. consider you and him and therefore the relationship you truly want to share.

Use sense. don’t stand behind a horse and taunt it to kick you to prove it won’t. you’ll get unlucky at some point and check out this with the incorrect horse. Show respect, not fear. After you begin to possess a “safe” diary your confidence will naturally grow and replace the fears you once had.


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